Hartbrand Presskit

Hartbrand creates industrial-techno soundscapes that reflect the feeling of divided society we currently live in. Energy-heavy dark beats are being developed into collective emotional experiences. The music is being created using only analogue synthesis and sound design shaping tools.

Hartbrand transforms the dance floor into a decaying industrial site that reminds us of who we are: uniformed workers in the digital age. A system where the source of power and ideology is no longer clearly identifiable and hate and mistrust are being spread from within the community itself.

The music and especially the music videos of Hartbrand make use of techniques of situationism, an art concept that was originally developed by the Situationist International and used by industrial band Laibach and other European artists.

Hartbrand is the artist project by Berlin-based producer Bernhard Range who has studied ’producing/composing artist’ at Popakademie Mannheim. He graduated with a master thesis researching the art concepts of Laibach and the Situationist International. For realizing his project Hartbrand, Bernhard Range received funding from ‘Initiative Musik’ in November 2018.

Hartbrand liveset 21.06.19


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